jueves, 17 de octubre de 2019

Challenge: Kahoot

Let´s revise the contents learnt using this game! Click on the link and play using the pin number.
You only need a mobile device and the app to play.

Read the instructions:
  • First, download the app Kahoot in your mobile phone or mobile device.
  • Then, click on the link and write the number code in your  kahhot game.
  • Let´s play. Read the questions carefully and answer them.
  • You can play from Friday to Sunday until 24.00


Art and crafts

Autumn is here and leaves are falling. Using them to do beautiful crafts give students the opportunity to reuse natural elements.
What can you image with the leaves and grass?
What can you create?

lunes, 14 de octubre de 2019

miércoles, 9 de octubre de 2019


For this challenge, our students will  write an e-mail to the teacher.
  • First, watch this tutorial video about how to send an e-mail.

  • Then, organize your information:
    • Greetings (Hello....)
    • Introduce yourself (name, age, city where you live...)
    • Describe yourself 
    • Write about your school.
    • Say goodbye.
    • Ask 3 questions.

Creative fingerprints art

Students watch these videos and try to create their own creative fingerprints productions. They can use each fingerprint as an individual creation or use them to represent a complete scene.



martes, 8 de octubre de 2019

Fingerprint writing.

First, students revise vocabulary related to law and order. We elicit from them how many words they already know, and which ones are new for them.
Finally,  students write a text about they or a friends using this fingerprint worksheet. They can use different fonts and colors.

lunes, 7 de octubre de 2019


Students listen to an audio about Ella, a Filipina girl who is working as a language assistant teacher in our school. Our students don´t  already know her, so at the end of this listening activity she enters the class and they can meet her and make all the questions they need.


Descovering talents

Watch this video and enjoy these kids amazing talents.
Have you got any talent?
What are you good at?

Now, it is the turn to talk with your friends about your different talents or abilities. Then, we write about them.


miércoles, 2 de octubre de 2019

Challenge 3: Bitmoji

Emojis are very popular among people. Today we are going to create our own emoji using a great app called "Bitmoji"

Read these instructions with attention and do all the different steps:

  • Download Bitmoji app in your mobile phone or your parent´s mobile phone.
  • Create your account and start creating your own emoji.
  • Choose the kind of character: hair, colour of skin, eyes, ...
  • Fourth, choose clothes style.
  • Then, look for the actions you like the best.
  • Finally, when you choose one, share it with your teacher by e-mail. You have two options:
    • Download your image to your phone and then send it by email.
    • Share the image by e-mail directly with the own app.
  • Don´t forget write your name and class when you send your email.

Now, watch the tutorial video for you to understand all the instructions.

Police sketches

How to draw a criminal face? How to describe it? It is very difficult to describe a person to the police and draw it with many datails as possible. Try to use symmetry and draw your own face to describe it to your mates.

Reading like a spy

Students read this text and try to find all the information they need to do the activities. Some of this information is easy to find, but some not.

Words detectives

Today, our 4th level students learn how to use a bilingual dictionary. They look up different words related to mistery topic.

lunes, 30 de septiembre de 2019

Speaking bags

Students put different objects inside their bags and talk about the importance of these objects for them.


Presentación para los padres

Esta es la presentación que utilizaremos para la reunión de padres. Intentaremos que se sientan partícipes del trabajo en el aula y del amor que sentimos por la asignatura y sus hijos.

Presentación 6ºEP

Presentación 5º EP


domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2019

Challenge: What about you?

Click on this wall and write some information about you. Then, upload a photo or an image that represents you.

Hecho con Padlet

To be: present simple

Verb to be is very important in English language. Sometimes, we have some doubts when using it, because of its different uses.
Let´s watch this video and practice with the following activities.

To be

To be

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