miércoles, 31 de mayo de 2017

ETEN day!!

Today, 6th level students, have enjoyed schools exchange activities.
Our students have visited Virgen de las Huertas School to have lot of fun meeting new friends, speaking English and participating in lots of games and activities.

martes, 30 de mayo de 2017

Future spinner

Spinners are cool!! Students love them and classrooms are full of these toys. We are going to use them in our English class for students to talk and predict their future.

What is that yellow dot?

5th level students have a great imagination and creativity!!
  • First, students see  "The dot", a beautiful story about a boy who believes he can´t draw.

  • Then, the teacher gives them a paper with a yellow dot on it and asks:
    • What is it?
    • What do you imagine?
    • What can you see?
Cars, rockets, flowers, clowns.... Everything is possible with a bit of imagination.

lunes, 29 de mayo de 2017


6th level students learn about future watching this video and doing activities. Then, they listen to a famous song and complete the gasps.

By Zailda ( ISL Collective)

viernes, 19 de mayo de 2017

Challenge: Thinglink about monuments

For this challenge, you should:

  • Go to Thinglink and Log in. Here you are a  tutorial video to revise how to use this app. 

  • Second, use this image to create your Thinglink with it ( you can download the image here) Download the image

  • Write about the monuments of Lorca using all the information you already know about them. Save your work and share it by mail with the teacher. 

Shadow puppet theatre

Students create their own stories to represent using shadow puppets. For this activity they:
  • Write a play script. ( in groups ):
    • They use the  characters given by the teacher.
    • Some monuments from Lorca are the settings in the stories. 
    • Then, they cut out the silhouttes of their characters.
    • They represent their stories using shadow puppets.

Our Tour Guide

Students create their own videos about the monuments of Lorca. Then, we create a Guide Map with them.

Making videos

5th level students create their own videos about Environmental problems and their solutions to explain their friends how to save the Planet.
  • First, they write their video scripts.
  • Second, they read a rubic to know the most important aspects they have to take into account when recording the video.
  • Finally, they make their videos using Touchcast app and they evaluate their own work.

Radio pragramme

5th level students  talk on our radio channel "English is on the air" about the importance of taking care of the environment and the environmental problems we can find in our city.

Escucha"Save the Planet!!" en Spreaker.

jueves, 18 de mayo de 2017

Let´s Play!!

6th level students play a boardgame about the City of Lorca and its monuments. They can find questions cards, actions cards or bad luck cards.

Let´s play!!

Creating facebooks

Mora tortoise has a facebook !! It writes about its worries, and activities. It has a lot of friends but also some enemies. 
Students create this facebook page using all the information they learnt during this unit.


Speaking class

Students practice giving directions with different activities:
  • First, they use their maps about Lorca to ask and give directions.
  • Then, they practice directions again using Beebot and they talk about the cards they get.


viernes, 12 de mayo de 2017

Challenge: Powtoon presentations

What should we do to protect the Environment?

Students are going to make a presentation using Powtoon. The presentation is about Environmental problems and their solutions.
Follow these instructions and use your creativity!!:
  • First, watch the tutorial video. It´s quite long but you can understand it easily.

  • Second, go to Powtoon and register.
  • Then, start creating your presentation about: How should we solve environmental problems?
  • Be careful!! DON´T  USE   PRO  OR  BIZ   ELEMENTS
  • Choose characters, music, elements, texts...
  • When you finish it, share it with the teacher. ( Publish your presentation and share by mail or download as a pdf...)

Maria Jose´s Powtoon

Patricia´s Powtoon

Silvia´s Powtoon

Daniel´s Powtoon

Claudia´s Powtoon

Sofia´s Powtoon

Maria´s Powtoon

Video watching

Students see this video and answer to the questions about the interview to Izry, a biologist from Pensilvania.

jueves, 11 de mayo de 2017

Let´s listen!!

How good is your level in listening skill? Test yourself  using this link.
  • First, click on the link below.
  • Second, choose an audio from Easy level or Medium level. ( Listen at least 5 audios. ) 
  • Finally, listen to the test and answer the questions. 

Let´s listen!!

Group of experts

6th level students read texts about different monuments and complete some questions about them with the help of all members of the group. Then, using "group of experts"cooperative technique, they change their groups and complete a chart about all monuments  where each student writes about his or her monument.


Writing a Whatsapp

Students complete this whatsapp for Mora tortoise and write about environmental problems and how we should solve them. Then, we use "rotating paper" cooperative technique to correct our friends worksheets.



Playing with environment

Students throw the dice and talk about the environmental problem they can see in it, its causes, consequences and possible solutions.

Let´s sing!!

5th level students learn and sing a song about Lorca and its environmental problems. It´s a very popular song, but the lyrics is very different now!!

miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017

Art and crafts: Our Mora tortoise

Mora tortoises are important in our city. Pupils create this beautiful tortoise to write about environmental problems , their consequences and possible  solutions.

I give one, I take one!!

5th level students are learning a lot about environmental problems. Today, they can practice should and shouldn´t to give advice about how to solve some of these problems using an oral activity called "I give one , I take one".
This activity consists on asking a question to a classmate and getting the answer, and after that changing their roles.

martes, 9 de mayo de 2017

Tortoise trivial game

5th level students play this Trivia boardgame to  use their learning about Environmental problems, causes,  solutions, consequences....
They have to ask questions and practice role- plays to win the five  "tortoise pieces" and complete it.

viernes, 5 de mayo de 2017

Challenge: Listening test

Follow these instructions and get one extra point!!.

  • First, read the questionaire carefully.
  • Click on the link and listen to the conversation . ( You can listen to it three times)
  • Then, write your name and class and try to complete as many questions as you can.
  • Listen to it again, and complete the questions again.
  • Finally, listen to the dialogue again and check your answers.
  • Click on "enviar" and do the same with the next listening text.

Favorite colors

Art and craft

Students complete a short text about monuments of Lorca and Edinburgh and they create this beautiful craft: tourist guide.


jueves, 4 de mayo de 2017

Edinburgh game

6th level students  play a funny boardgame about Edinburgh. They need to read and answer questions about this beautiful city.

Our friend Grant, a Scottish man, sends us a fantastic message: he is going to visit our city next month!!!

We are really happy for it, but we have an important challenge to do: be tour guides and show our city and its monuments.

Environmental problems

Students watch this video, describe which environmental problems appear on it and which consequences they have for  our planet and city.

Now it´s the moment for students to play a game to identify environmental problems its causes and consequences.


miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017

Learning about Mora tortoise

5th level students learn a lot about Mora tortoise, an endangered tortoise located in our city.

  • How is this tortoise? ( characteristics...)
  • Where is it?
  • Why is it in danger?
  • Which environmental problems are there in our city?
  • Which problems can affect to the Mora tortoise?

Video watching

Today, 6th level students watch a video about important places and monuments of Edinburgh. A Scottish man shows us and explains about the main monuments, then students answer questions about the video and check their answers using Plickers app.

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