martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Mother´s day craft

Mothers are really our heroes. They help us, they love us and they care us. We create this beautiful craft  to say " I love you" to our mums.

Heroes cube craft

Art is a great resource to create a linguistic atmosphere in English class. They create their own superheroes and talk about them .

My superhero can talk!!

Students love this app ( Chatter Pix)They enjoy taking photos and recording their voices

lunes, 27 de abril de 2015

Taboo game

This game is perfect for our students to practice definitions and descriptions.
They have to describe a word without using the forbidden ones. We can adapt this game to the different topics. In this case we use superheroes.

What should a superhero do?

Superheroes are very good, honest and friendly. They help people and they fight against badies. 

viernes, 24 de abril de 2015

Our heroes bookmarks

Book Day is a special day for school . In art class, we have created these incredible bookmarks about superheroes.
It is a good way to motivate our students to read and talk about their favorite books or comics.



jueves, 23 de abril de 2015

Jigsaw challenge

Can you complete this jigsaw challenge? Today is the  Book Day.   If you complete the jigsaw, you will read several quotes about reading and books. Let´s try it!!

Stop motion

Stop motion is a great way to tell stories or develop curricular contents.  Our students love making them. 

Comparatives ball game

Children love playing . Learning through games is funnier and more motivating for students. With this simple game, we give children the opportunity to have a challenge or a goal when speaking.
There are superheroes´names on the ball, so when music stops the pupil who has the ball on his or her  hands, has to say a comparative sentence .

Comparing superheroes

Learning about comparatives is very easy with superheroes information. How to use this activity in class?
  • First, give the children the first copy and let them discuss, in groups,  about comparative adjectives , using these two characters.
  • When they finish, they say their answers and discuss with the rest of the groups. 
  • The teacher writes the answers in the blackboard.
  • Then, we show the following charts for students to read the real facts about these heroes. 
  • Finally, we click on the link and compare other important heroes to practice on it. 


Let´s compare superheroes

Some of the most important superheores are from other planets such as Superman or Thor. Let´s learn about comparative and superlatives using the Solar system

miércoles, 22 de abril de 2015

LOL: speaking activtiy

Which problems do superheroes have  with computers?
Describe the images.
Can you add any other superhero and problem?
Do you think  it is easy to be a superhero?
Which other daily routines can be difficult for them?

martes, 21 de abril de 2015

Writing a WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a common app everybody uses with their mobile phones. It gives us a great opportunity to:

  • improve writing skill
  • to know cultural aspects ( abbreviations, icons...)
  • to develop digital competence.
Within this activity our students have to write a WhatsApp message between two heroes. What are they talking about??


lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

Superheroes part-time jobs ( LOL)

To be a superhero is not always easy. It is not well paid and sometimes they need to have a part-time job. Look at this pictures and say what  they are  doing . 


Art and crafts

Creating our own superheroes pads. To be a superhero you need an emblem to identify yourself. 
Which is the symbol that represent your personality best? 

For this activity we need:
  • Toilet roller paper
  • Painting
  • Pencils and rubbers
  • Glitter
  • And our creativity

Our work is incredible

Our students write about their superheroes and create an incredible display in the school hall.

domingo, 19 de abril de 2015

Reading skill: TV guide

Reading skill is one of the most important skills to develop in our children. As teachers, we have to provide  our students the opportunity  to read all kind of texts. For that reason, we have provided our kids this TV guide to train in reading in a competence way.

We will practice on it for one day, using speaking activities and then, they will do a pair collaborative activity to complete all the questions given.


Look at this picture and answer the following questions:

  • Describe the room. What is on the toilet?
  • What is happening?
  • Who is the main character?
  • ( Inferences) How does the hero feel in this moment?
  • What can he do?
  • Where is Thor? What do you think he is doing in this moment?

miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015

Creating and writing about superheroes

Creative writing give the students the opportunity to enjoy writing and reading. In this activity children will have to create their own hero and write a text about him or her.

Style a hero

Children create their own superheroes choosing the elements they prefer for him or her.

Click and design your hero

martes, 14 de abril de 2015

Talking about superheroes

Children learn about new superheroes and superpowers . Then, they  make questions to know which  superhero is  a friend thinking about.

lunes, 13 de abril de 2015

Working with superheroes

These worksheets have been created for children to know and talk about the most famous superheroes

miércoles, 8 de abril de 2015

Oral class: group of experts

Instructions for the activity:

  • give one copy for each student
  • students have 5 minutes to read and memorize information from the text
  • students can underline and make pictures to memorize information better
  • Then, we create groups with the students who have read about the same superhero
  • They have to write sentences about the hero without looking at the paper
  • The best group will be the one who write more information about the character.


Which are the best superheroes?

Watch this video and learn about the best super heroes powers

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