viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

Art and crafts

The class of art and crafts has been really funny today. We have discuss about countries and famous monuments of the World.

In class 5,  we have created jigsaws using a cooperative activity . Children didn´t know who was the person who had their puzzle pieces, so they have to colour, decide which monument it was and its country .

Then, when they finish it, they have to find out  the four different pieces to complete the image using questions such as: Have you got...? Where is your picture from?

In class 6 , the activity was related to cooperative technique and monuments too. In groups of 4, students had to decide which are the most important monuments in the World and make a list with at least 5 of them.
Once they have discussed and taken  a decision, they will draw the monuments and create a collage with them .

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