viernes, 15 de abril de 2016

Challenge: Zooburst stories

Students create pop up stories using Zooburst .

  • Go to Zooburst website
  • Register in the web with a PERSONAL ACCOUNT
  • Log in with your mail and password.
  • Then, create a new book
  • Edit and choose : backgrounds, colors, icons, elements, characters....
  • Create at least 5 pages
  • Write a text in each page 
  • Write a dialogue or a text in characters bubbles.
  • Finally, save and share it by mail to the teacher ( pelesa2@hotmail.com) 

Daniel´s zooburst

Patricia´s zooburst

Angel´s zooburst

Sergio´s zooburst

Rocio´s zooburst

Ana Rocio´s zooburst

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