viernes, 24 de febrero de 2017

Challenge: Creating healthy menus

For this challenge, you have to read the instructions carefully:
  1. First, look at this image and read all the information on it.

  1. Second, watch the tutorial video to learn how to use the app Canva to create a menu.

3.Now, register in Canva.
4.Click on "Crear un diseño" / Create a design.
5.Go to menu designs.
6.Choose the one you like.
7Use it to create your own healthy menu. It is very important that your menu is healthy, so revise the image again to choose the best food for people to eat. 
8.You can change icons, colors, texts.... Customize it!!
9.Finally, when you finish it, download and send it to the teacher by mail. You will get an extra point if it is correct!!


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