viernes, 17 de marzo de 2017

Challenge: Creating QR

5th level students

This is a very simple challenge. Students create QR codes about their favorite animals.
  1. Which animal do you like?
  2. Go to Google and write QR code generator
  3. Write a short text about your animal and generate the QR code. 
  4. Send it to the teacher´s mail.
  5. That´s all!!
Watch this video and learn how to do the challenge

6th level students

Create a QR code using regular verbs to write sentences about past.
  1. Write 8 sentences.
  2. Use these verbs to write the sentences in past: played, talked, walked, phoned, cried, washed, jumped, cleaned.
  3. Use adverbs of time such as:  yesterday, last week, last month, two days ago....
  4. Revise your sentences and check them.
  5. When you finish it, send your QR code to the teacher´s mail.

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