jueves, 6 de abril de 2017

Challenge: creating stories

It´s Easter time and we have a long time to rest and enjoy. This challenge is really creative and it gives students the opportunity to be writers.

Let´s follow the instructions:
  1. Watch the tutorial video.
  2.  Go to Story bird Website.
  3. Sign up for free. Complete your file.
  4. Click on  Create .
  5. Choose an artwork.
  6. Choose multiple pages book.
  7. Create a cover for your book.
  8. Then , start writing about your story using the images at both sides.
  9. Next,  save your book.
  10. Finally, share it with the teacher:
    1. copy your story link
    2. send it by mail to the teacher. 

Daniel´s story

Noa´s story


Ruben´s story

Sergio´s story

Maria´s story

Maria Jose´s story

Ayat´s story

Claudia´s story

Maria Isabel´s story

Paco´s story

Victoria´s story

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