viernes, 12 de mayo de 2017

Challenge: Powtoon presentations

What should we do to protect the Environment?

Students are going to make a presentation using Powtoon. The presentation is about Environmental problems and their solutions.
Follow these instructions and use your creativity!!:
  • First, watch the tutorial video. It´s quite long but you can understand it easily.

  • Second, go to Powtoon and register.
  • Then, start creating your presentation about: How should we solve environmental problems?
  • Be careful!! DON´T  USE   PRO  OR  BIZ   ELEMENTS
  • Choose characters, music, elements, texts...
  • When you finish it, share it with the teacher. ( Publish your presentation and share by mail or download as a pdf...)

Maria Jose´s Powtoon

Patricia´s Powtoon

Silvia´s Powtoon

Daniel´s Powtoon

Claudia´s Powtoon

Sofia´s Powtoon

Maria´s Powtoon

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